• Web Projects
    Music Tracks

    Music Tracks

    I’ve started posting some of
    my material on SoundCloud.
    You can listen to it there!

  • Web Projects
    Web Projects

    Web Design & Development

    These and many other
    great websites I’ve done
    can be found in the
    Web Projects section.

  • Photography


    I’m working on a new
    Photography mini-site
    to showcase my work.
    Until it’s finished,
    there’s the old one.

  • Abstract 3D Artwork
    Abstract 3D Artwork

    Abstract 3D Artwork

    From mild to wild, you’ll
    find stunning images
    suitable for desktop
    backgrounds in the Gallery.

By Way of Introduction...

Hello. I’m Lance Clark, a Utah based web designer/front end developer who loves to create beautiful usable online experiences.

I created L4NC3 Productions over 20 years ago as an experiment in web graphic design. It was a platform to try out new ideas, a place to give imagination and creativity free reign.

These days it doesn’t see as much love... Higher priorities seem to exist everywhere! But I’m still quite happy you’re here. Please take a look around and check me out. I’d love to help with your next project.

Saratoga Springs Triathlon

Just finished a responsive design I’m donating to the city for our annual triathlon.

Saratoga Springs Triathlon

Good karma, comin’ my way.

I’m Responsive!

Finished the responsive HTML5 redesign! It wouldn’t have been nearly as awesome without Dave Gamache and his Skeleton grid system.